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Inkjet Printer Updates Wanted

>Finally there has been an interesting discussion of this subject in the
>periodical Art Calendar in the last few issues, with numerous articles pro
>and con on the suitability of inkjet printing as a medium for art. If
>people are interested I'll try to find some time to summarize what's said

Alan: I would love to take a look at these articles. Could you tell me more
about Art Calendar and where I could take a look? (I can't say I've heard
of it;maybe if I see it). That way you don't have to summarize.
        Being the original author of "Inkjet Printer Update Wanted", please
let me say that I did not mean to start another endless discussion about
the permanence of art.
        I work a lot on a Macintosh (as a graphic designer and artist) and
love the possibilities it offers. However, I also recognize that getting
things in and out of the computer leaves much to be desired. Especially the
out part.
        In a recent issue of Computer Artist which I happened to pick up,
there was a short article about new technology for producing photographic
prints from digital that uses pigments instead of dyes and is supposed to
last hundreds of years. "Great," I said. However the first print is around
$600. End of discussion.
       That same article said that IRIS printers can start to fade in 2-3
years. That was disappointing. However last year, I printed my XMas card on
my sister's HP inkjet, and it's been hanging in my studio, not in direct
sunlight, but opposite a north window for almost a year with no visible
fading or disintegration. So I am back to inkjets as a viable way to
produce my books off the computer.
        Actually, my computer person gave me some interesting info about
inks and paper which I will collect and pass on as soon as I can. I'd
appreciate any reaction from you conservators.
        By the way, the reason I am considering an Epson is becasue of its
Postscipt option which allows me to get true 720 dpi text. I don't think
other inkjets have this option.
        Thanks for any information received or to be received!
_Marcia Ciro

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