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Re: Copyright

  We just had an attorney from the University of Texas Systems Office who
specializes in copyright come and speak to our students.  While she was
focusing on copyright in the digital library much of what she had to say
was just good information regarding copyright.  She has mounted a web page
on the topic with links to many relevant topics. The url is:

Bobbie Pilette
Conservation Lab Instructor
Preservation & Conservation Studies
Graduate School of Library and Information Science
University of Texas-Austin
SZB 564
Austin, TX  78712

On Tue, 5 Nov 1996, Patricia Grass wrote:

> I would like to clarify my understanding of copyright so that I can better
> help my students especially concerning what is in or not in copyright, when
> do you have to seek copyright permission, how do you go about seeking
> copyright permission. Does anyone know of a good, clear book I could get that
> might help explain these copyright concerns? (The students will be asked to
> choose a short piece of writing, seek copyright permission, design, print and
> bind the book.)

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