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Re: Permanence in General

> Untold numbers of artifacts from our past have disappeared.  Some from
> inherent vice, some from war.  What we have is, indeed, archival by
> definition; by accident of time and circumstance.
> Enough of the past record of mankind has survived into our time that the
> estimates to conserve what is here, now, is measured in man-centuries.
> That is why we (conservators) are not overly worried about driving
> ourselves out of business by advocating permanence in artist's materials.
> Jack  :-)
> Jack C. Thompson
> Thompson Conservation Lab.
> 7549 N. Fenwick
> Portland, OR  97217
> www.teleport.com/~tcl
Finally...a few well spoken (typed?!) words on the subject...CAN WE LEAVE

'nuff said...

Michel Rogerson, UNL Love Library bindery

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