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Re: hipster librarians

On Wed, 6 Nov 1996, Rachel Lindstrom wrote:

> ...a quote from Spider Robinson: "Librarians are the secret masters of
> the world.  They control information.  Don't ever piss one off."
> Regards, Rachel Lindstrom
Same goes for airline clerks!  My brother was in line behind a completely
sadistic customer who took great pleasure in abusing the airline employees
just because his personal schedule couldn't be adhered to.  When it
became my brother's turn at the counter he felt compelled to express
his outrage at the other customers abusive behaviour.  The clerk then
smiled with thanks and said " That's OK.  The gentleman got his
connecting flight to Chicago and so did his bags...to the Phillipines!

Just another respective librarian,

P.S.  My brother ended up sitting next to the jerk going to Chicago.
Couldn't help the smile!


     M I C H A E L   M O R I N                M.F.A., M.L.S.

Director Celtic Press               Instructional Media Librarian
  Buffalo  New York                  D'Youville College Library
         Co-Moderator Buffalo Free-Net Preservation SIG
    Member Buffalo Free-Net Information Development Committee

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