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Re: Permanence in General (Was: Inkjet Printer Updates Wanted)

Sorry--the other phone got picked up; however, this exemplifies my point
about the ephemeral nature of things.

On Fri, 8 Nov 1996, R Starr wrote:

> I've been following this discussion with some interest and think that the
> issue is NOT one of permanence; it's one of RELATIVE PERMANENCE.  Very
> few things on earth are truly permanent (if any).  For example, a prior
discussion dealt with the effects of a nuclear blast.  If this occurred
we would lose not only things that are magnetically stored but also
microfilm and even materials on paper, canvas, leather, etc. that would
melt and/or burn.  Maybe all we can say is that within a certain margin
of error and given certain storage/display conditions that a given item
might deteriorate in certain ways over a certain period of time.
Additionally, it should be stated whether the materials involved have
been tested for potential deterioration under varying conditions.

Ray *

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