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Re: Permamance

This is in reply to Richard Minsky's erudite (meaning that I agree with
him) piece.  I forgot to add one more item to my earlier message.  This
discussion reminds me of a point made by Sherwin Nuland in his book, "How
we die".  This book details the degenerative processes leading to death
from a variety of causes.

While this may sound gruesome, I and those I have recommended the book
to, all agree that it is an incredibly humane document.  A key point is
that death is an inevitable part of life.  Indeed, think of what the
world would be like if we were immortal?  Where would we get the
resources (food, housing, etc.) to handle the population?  Would we no
longer allow birth (new life, new ideas, etc.)?

Applying this concept to material goods, if all art (even the
"garbage"--remember that one person's garbage is another's treasure)
existed forever, then where would we put new art?

Also, Richard made a good point when he stated that archival materials
may shorten the useful life span of conservators (although the opposite
could also be argued).

Finally, I recommend Nuland's book. It's now being remaindered at cheap

Ray *

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