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Re: Re Tefillin

mit shayne dank,
Dear Friends,
Gut Shabbos to you all, and may I offer a hearty c'hai as well!

Judith Kerman's word's on T'fellin are wonderful, and I long to wrap
myself in the Shema, the Torah and the Tallit which allows all who
enshroud themselves in it to relate one-on-one with the supreme Being who
IS ONE, WAS and EVER SHALL BE, to which let us all say: Amen.

The Three Volume set of the Stassfeld's "Whole Jewish Catalogue" is a
wonderful compendium of Jewish Knowledge, and I recommend them to anyone
interested in what being a progressively observant Jew means, for the
books inter-twine the traditional in a very egalitarian manner which I
find very refreshing, and quite eddifying, even considering they were
written in the 70's and 80's when egaliterianism was still attempting to
establish itself.

Let us all, believer and non-believer alike come to realize that to be
means to be ethical and accepting of difference.  Let us bind the ethical
and egaliterian t'fillin to our arms and between our eyes, to remind us
that God beckons each of us to treat others with the same respect and
dignity that each of us expect from others for ourselves.
And with homage due to Hillel, for it was he who summed the breathe and
scope of Judaism up as such, "the rest is (truly) commentary."

Shalom, Salaam, Peace.
Rommel John Miller

On Fri, 8 Nov 1996 07:10:59 -0500 "Judith B. Kerman (by way of \"Peter D.
Verheyen\" <pdverhey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>)" <kerman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>Did I send my smart remark only to you?  I meant to send it to the
>list, but my Send-file doesn't show that I did.
>Anyway... tefillin are a set of two little black leather boxes
>attached to
>black leather straps.  Made according to strict tradition - check the
>First Jewish Catalog by Michael Strassfeld for details.)
>Inside each box is a set of texts from the Bible which instruct Jews
>tie "these words" on your hand and as frontlets betwen your eyes
>13:1-10, 13:11-16, Deuteronomy 6:4-9, 11:13-21.) Part of this set of
>is the Shema, which is also recited at every service and enclosed in
>mezuzah cases attached to the doorposts of Jewish homes (Deuteronomy
>and 11:13-21);  mezuzah means doorpost, but I think tefillin is a
>form of the Hebrew totafot, and what it means is what it is, nothing
>as far as I know.
>The mezuzah text is the one that tells you to love the lord your God
>all your heart and mind, and to bind these words on your hands as a
>and as a frontlet between your eyes, and on your doorposts and your
>The tefillin includes two other texts that also give the same general
>instructions about binding the words to hand and between eyes.
>Jews are rather literal about these things, so they do exactly that.
>In the case of the tefillin, one little box is tied on the forehead
>between the eyes, and the other is tied on the "weak"  hand (left if
>you're right-handed, and vice versa) in a complicated arrangement
>traditionally is considered somewhat like a wedding ring, and then the
>straps are wrapped around the arm in a long spiral.  It looks,
>quite S&M (you can tell I'm heterodox!) and symbolizes binding oneself
>the Torah - both the text and the Law.  It's worn during the day, at
>times when the tallit is worn for praying (supposed to be when there's
>enough light to *see* the tallit and the signs, etc. - the only night
>observance where tallit is worn is the night which begins Yom Kippur.)
>Guess that's all I know of the lore, but I suspect there's lots of
>Talmudic extrapolation.
>You might have seen them portrayed in some of those classic paintings
>European rabbis.
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>On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, Peter Verheyen wrote:
>> Judith,
>> Can you explain tefillin. I've seen them, I think, but don't
>> their sybolism.
>> Peter
>> At 03:50 PM 11/6/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> >
>> >Now I can't let this pass, as I did the last time... Apologies to
>> >Orthodox Jews on the list, but did someone mention tefillin?
>People of
>> >the book in more ways than one...
>> >
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