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Re: Degreasing

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Robyn Sassen wrote:

Old fashion lighter fluid for flint lighters can be purchased in a small
tin squirt containers at any convience store and it will remove any
fingerprints and grease from film or plastic.  Use in well vented area.

French Chalk is genericly known as calcium carbonate from an chemical
supply house (look under chemicals in phone book) or whiting form
printmakers suppliersEe Dan Smias precipitated chaulk as well.  The
natural stuff has apink cast and is hard to find.  The precip. is a
artificiallyy made version of the same thing

> Dear Book People
> I am sure that among you there are many printmakers who may be in a
> position to help me.  I am making drypoints on a number of
> untraditional plates and am experiencing problems with wiping the
> plate before printing because I am possibly not degreasing them with
> the appropriate material.  Would you have any solutions as to how to
> degrease x-ray plates?  slides?  aluminium tin can plates?  and
> linoleum.  For the lino I have been using neat ammonia which has
> worked up to a point, but is kind of unpleasant and dangerous.
> Also, I am in the process of running out of my supply of French Chalk
> which I have used in the past for degreasing copper and zinc plates,
> mixed with ammonia.  What is the technical name for this and would I
> be able to get it from a hardware store or something similar.  The
> art equipment shops in my vicinity are not exactly comfortable or
> knowledgeable about the more obscure printmaking foibles.
> Much obliged.
> Robyn Sassen
> mephisto@xxxxxxxxxxxx


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