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Re: Degreasing

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Robyn Sassen wrote:

> Dear Book People
> I am sure that among you there are many printmakers who may be in a
> position to help me.  I am making drypoints on a number of
> untraditional plates and am experiencing problems with wiping the
> plate before printing because I am possibly not degreasing them with
> the appropriate material.  Would you have any solutions as to how to
> degrease x-ray plates?  slides?  aluminium tin can plates?  and
> linoleum.  For the lino I have been using neat ammonia which has
> worked up to a point, but is kind of unpleasant and dangerous.
> Also, I am in the process of running out of my supply of French Chalk
> which I have used in the past for degreasing copper and zinc plates,
> mixed with ammonia.  What is the technical name for this and would I
> be able to get it from a hardware store or something similar.  The
> art equipment shops in my vicinity are not exactly comfortable or
> knowledgeable about the more obscure printmaking foibles.
> Much obliged.
> Robyn Sassen
> mephisto@xxxxxxxxxxxx

I was a printmaking major at the University of Utah, but etching was not
my forte.  The amonia always worked well for me, but I am not too much of
a stickler (sp?!) on a perfect plate wipe.  Maybe you aren't getting the
plate hot enough?  I don't know.

As far as the French Chalk...I believe it is also called `whitning'
(sp?!).  Daniel Smith sells stuff like that.

Remember...the local University or College probably has a very
knowledgable printmaking professor who would probably be glad to tell you
where he gets his supplies.  I know the guy that taught me in Utah was
very helpful.

Good luck, Michel Rogerson, UNL Love Library bindery

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