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Re: Degreasing

You sent the message  12 Nov 1996, 04:06

>Dear Book People

>.................    Also, I am in the process of running out of my supply of
French Chalk
>which I have used in the past for degreasing copper and zinc plates,
>mixed with ammonia.  What is the technical name for this and would I
>be able to get it from a hardware store or something similar...........
>Much obliged.
>Robyn Sassen

One materials handbook states this is hydrated magesium silicate.  It is also a
high grade talc or form of steatite.    In the UK it was provided as a small,
hard stick with bicycle tyre repair kits, which was grated to provide to
provide an 'anti-stick' coating on any excess rubber adhesive, whether it still
is the same I'm not sure - I haven't mended a bike for some years!   Possibly
some chemical supply house can provide it.    If only small quantities are
needed then the purchase of talcum powder might solve the need?

Rodney Fry
Berks, England
<rod.fry@xxxxxxxx >

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