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Re: Degreasing

Hi Robyn,
I like the sound of what your'e doing, printing on aluminum pop cans is
neat.  As to degreasing, what kind of ink are you using?  I would assume
it is oil based, if so, degreasing before inking isn't always necessary as
you're applying an oil based ink.  If you are using a water based ink, of
course you need to.  Generally degreasing is needed before applying
a ground or aquatint.

 French Chalk is talc, still handled by printmaking
outlets, however it can be dangerous, handle with a mask.  You can get it
through Graphic Chemical & Ink Co., P.O. Box 27, Villa Park, IL 60181 or
probably Daniel Smith, 4150 First Ave. South, Seattle, WA  98124-5568.
I also use Whiting, (calcium carbonate), mixed with Ammonia and water for
degreasing copper and zinc.  Also, a very light etch, 30 seconds in a 16
to 1 nitric bath will clean a plate, as might a citric acid or vinegar
I'd like to hear more about what you're doing as I do as lot of
experimenting with printing methods too.

Good luck,

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