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Re: Iris Cloth

On Tue, 12 Nov 1996, Sandy Tilcock wrote:

> I have a need to purchase Iris bookcloth. I haven't used it in quite some
> time and so no longer am aware of who is selling it out there. Anyone out
> there who can help me?
> Sandy Tilcock
> lonegoose@xxxxxxx


Try Bookmaker's...they have a cloth they call Cialux, but it is basically
Iris cloth.  It's about $7 a yard.

6001 66th Avenue, Suite 101
Riverdale, Maryland 20737
(301) 459-3384
(301) 459-7629 (fax)

Good luck, Michel

Michel Rogerson:  Utah native in tornado country !!
University of Nebraska, home of the Nat'l Champion Cornhuskers
Book Repair Specialist, Love Library bindery, Lincoln NE 68588-0410
work: (402) 472-2523

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