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Re: How to find printing and book production programs?

The last published list of collegiate book arts programs came out in 1982, from
 Fine Print, by David Farrell.  It's called "Collegiate Book Arts Press; A new
census of printing presses in american colleges & universities." Many Special C
ollections in academic and some public libraries have copies of it.
   Many people from those programs have gotten together for meetings under the
group name, the Council of Book Arts Programs, meeting in 1984, 1987, 1990, and
 1993. The last meeting was at Mills College in Oakland and Kathy Walkup there
has the most recent mailing list of members and friends.
   The Pacific Center for Book Arts has an informal list of collegiate programs
 from which it prints references occasionally. Likewise, the Minnesota Center f
or Book Arts in Minneapolis and the Center for Book Arts in New York would have
 programs on their lists they might share. As might the Columbia College Chicag
o Center for Book and Paper Arts.
   Finally, Hand Papermaking magazine often lists book arts programs in its qua
rterly Newsletter and the newsletter of the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artis
ts Guild also references programs.
   Hope this helps.

   John Risseeuw       (where book arts is part of printmaking)
   School of Art
   Arizona State University
   Tempe, AZ 85287-1505

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