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Re: Degreasing

>  As to degreasing, what kind of ink are you using?  I would assume
> > it is oil based, if so, degreasing before inking isn't always necessary as
> I am using oil based ink, but find that without degreasing before the
> first print of the day, the plate tends to scum considerably, which
> makes wiping almost impossible.  By the time I 'retire' from
> printmaking I'll have one very developed right arm!  Is there any
> real alternative to wiping the plate with one's hand?
Eleven years of contract fine art printing thaught me lots about wiping
plates, as my etching press has a 4 by 8 foot bed

Try using a ink modifier (not easy wipe or plate oil.  Dan Smith make
miracle gel and Van Son makes a reducer gel.  Both are petroleum gels
a whipped product that unlike easywipe, evaporates form the ink when
drying and won't poison your colors later.  Use a small dot, enough to
loosen the ink and no more.

Tell me exactly what brand ink you are using and I will tell how to
modify it.

If you just want to clean your plates, degrease with whiting and ammonia.

Ink buildup can be very subltle and can fill in an etching plate without
you knowing it.  Drastic cleaning is much more involved and can be
avoided if proper solvent and amonia/whiting cleansing is consistant and

Love you felts and they will love you back!


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