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Re: artists' book archives

In answer to the query about the location of archives of artists' books:

I can't vouch for size or comprehensiveness but the Yale Libraries have a
large number of artists' books scattered throughout it's holdings (certainly
enough to support the teaching of an entire semester's class on the topic by
Johanna Drucker).  In recent years concerted attempts have been made to get
a stronger representation of works by contemporary book artists into the
collections.  They are principally to be found in the Art of the Book
Collection, the Art and Architecture Library, and the Beinecke Rare Book and
Manuscript Library (a few have also turned up in the stacks of the Sterling
Memorial Library).  In addition artists' books are to be found at Yale among
the holdings of the Rare Book Collection in the British Art Center and there
is a small group in Prints and Drawings Division of the Yale Art Gallery.

Another substantially smaller but nonetheless interesting collection of
artists' books is to be found in the Art of the Book Room at the Phoenix
Public Library (the room officially opens next month).  The collection was
put together by three consultants (Betty Bright, John Risseeuw, and myself)
appointed by the Phoenix Arts Commission as part of the City of Phoenix's
Percent for Art Commission.

Cheers, Louis H. Silverstein (retired curator of the Art of the Book
Collection, Yale  University Library, now residing in Phoenix, Arizona).

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