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Proposal: Compiling list of artist's book archives

RE: the discussion about artist's book archives

If folks on this list want to send me (privately, of course) information
about archives I'll gladly compile and post a list for everyone's benefit.
I can even put it on the Web for easy accessibility.

: > Where is the Sackler collection? If there isn't a list, send me
: P.S. The Marvin and ? Sackler concrete poetry colletion is in Miami, Forida.

That's the Ruth and Marvin Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry
which, I'm told by a very reliable source, is in the process of being
sold. (I believe it's in Miami Beach, btw, though I could be mistaken).

Other places with artist's book collections include:
UCLA, the Getty Center (though apparently buying is frozen there for
the moment), Harvard, Scripps College.  Don't even bother asking at
UC Berkeley.

Eric D. Friedman

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