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Standing Press for sale

 I recently became aware of a Hickock Standing Press for sale, from someone
 not on this list, and thought it was worth mentioning here,  on his behalf.
 interested should please contact the owner, not me, for further details:

 Hickock Standing Press, circa 1900-1920. The press stands 86" top to bottom,
 35" wide, 20" deep, with a 28.5" x 20" platen and 45.5" daylight.  It has
 hand painted scrollwork and is in excellent working condition.  The press
 weighs around 2000# and is presently in Bethlehem, PA.  Owner will assist in
 dismantling, and will consider delivery with about 500 miles of Bethlehem,
 PA.  For further details, price, etc. please contact press owner directly:
  Mr. Robert Christine, at (610) 807-0260.

 Regards, Karen L. Crisalli/The Guild of BookWorkers

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