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Re: Dry mount press

As to what one can use to "glue" things in a dry
mount press:

        Many PVA's are heat sensitive.  I have glued up
pieces of paper/cardstock, let them dry and relax, then
used the dry mount press (or an iron) to then attach it
to whatever I need to (within reason, of course!).  The
problem of swelling and curling is minimized with this
method, since the paper/cardstock that you introduce the
moisture into with the PVA is now dried and relaxed. Plus,
if your PVA is archival, this could be considered an
archival use of the dry mount press.  (Just be careful
that what you are mounting is not heat sensitive, i.e.
resin-coated photographs, etc.)  This is a great way to
laminate boards.

Eric Alstrom
Collections Conservator
Ohio University Libraries
Athens, Ohio  45701
(614) 593-1363

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