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Re: artists' book archives

        Ohio University also has a collection of artists books.
It may be relatively small compared to some of the other collections
mentioned, but there are some real gems.  Sheppard Black, the
Special Collections Librarian, has a genuine interest in fine
press books, artist books, and the book arts in general and has
steadily been building up the collection.  Also, and these books are
unique to the OU Collection, are almost all the books made by
students of the various letter press and graphic design courses
taught at the Ohio University College of Fine Arts.  (Since I
help teach a workshop on bookbinding for some of the classes,
I especially like seeing the work the students produce.)
        For those interested, Mr. Black can be reached at:

Eric Alstrom
Collections Conservator
Ohio University Libraries
Athens, Ohio  45701
(614) 593-1363

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