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Re: artists' book archives

Since several people mentioned the Book Arts Collection here at the
University of Washington, I thought I should respond to this question.  I
am not sure what is meant by "archives" in this context.  Generally I
think of archives as business records, correspondence and the like.  If
this is what we are all talking about then the University of Washington is
_not_ collecting actively in that area particularly.  If instead we're
talking about collections of published books (included are one-of-a-kinds
in my definition) and related materials, then we are.

The Book Arts Collection in the Special Collections and Preservation
Division itself has over 5,000 titles (4510 cataloged in the online
catalog at this moment) with an added collection of literary and artist
small periodical issues of several thousand.  There is a separate
collection of books of interest for their bindings (generally historic &
including decorated paper) of 1,565 titles.  Related "rare" books, small
press imprints from the Pacific Northwest & reference books would if added
together bring the total up to somewhere around 10,000 (I actually think
this is a conservative number). The Collection contains everything from
traditional letterpress limited editions and offset artists' books to
one-of-a-kind bookworks (altered, sculptural and conceptual).  We
specialize in some thematic work including autobiography and

We also collect ephemera, working proofs & paste-ups, models, full sheets
of handmade and decorated paper, tools and small pieces of equipment for
teaching purposes.  I have written several articles on the Collection if
anyone is interested in details or you can contact me directly.  I have
been in Special Collection here at the University doing book arts for 28
years so I know the Collection pretty well.

We have heavy use from the campus and regional community and often have
visitors from other institutions and book artists from near and far.  Ms.
Tucker, as I remember, visited last Fall..

I hope that wasn't too long an answer to a very short question.

Sandra Kroupa
Book Arts Librarian
Special Collections and Preservation Division
University of Washington Libraries


On Tue, 19 Nov 1996, Michael E. Morin wrote:

> On Mon, 18 Nov 1996, Susan Tucker wrote:
> > There is a collection of such books at the University of Washington
> > in Seattle.  Susan Tucker, Newcomb College Center for Research on
> > Women, Tulane University, New Orleans, La.
> > 70118(susannah@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx)
> >
> Any idea how many?
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