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I could probably find this in an archive somewhere, but I am not sure where
to start and I need the information in a hurry. Does anyone have a telephone
number for Sinclair & Valentine Inks (or anyplace which handles their inks)
-- I haven't used them in several years, but still to my mind they're the
best letterpress inks around, if indeed they are still around. I'm still
unpacking from a move and can't locate my information about them, and I need
to get some inks ASAP.

Thanks for any help.

Charles Alexander

get off my back. the future fields into which I write are
unimaginable. I do not know, any more than you do, what is
around me, nor how far to go, nor precisely what I leave behind.

                                          --Beverly Dahlen
                          from A Reading 8 - 10
                          published by Chax Press

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