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Does anybody know about the following adhesive:

QUELYD (Brand name)
from the department of QUELYD
Immeuble Iris
92062 Paris La Defence CEDEX

(Multipurpose glue for paper, cloth/tisse either plain or with designs,
fibre-glass, PVC  mousse, polyester, polystyrene)

It is being used by someone I know in France (who e-mailed me this
information) and I am curious about its archival properties. They are using
it to mount an oil painting on linen to a wall, and say that it will not
cause the linen to shrink or otherwise change shape. If it is archival there
would certainly be many applications for it in book art.

Is it available in the USA? Is there another brand of the same adhesive? Do
we have any painting conservators on the list?

If nobody knows, I can have them send me a sample for testing. Does anyone
have testing equipment (aging oven, pH meter, Tinius-Olsen) available to them?


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