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Re: dry rotted suede

for powdered leather I have read and tried krylon clear-that is krylon clear
spray paint-at hardware stores on a 18 century binding. and the clear bonded
the powder but made it darker--to save the gold tooling- you need a few
coats to soak into the powder-they put varnish over oil paintings to
preserve them through the centuries-that is why they have a cracked surface.

>Sorry, but there is no satisfactory consolidant for suede (or other
>leather) which has degraded to the point of powdering away.  Because the
>powdered leather can get into text blocks, staining and degrading the paper
>there, it would be best to have those books rebound.
>If, for one reason or another, it is not practical to rebind them, they
>should be wrapped, to isolate them from other books.
>>Does anyone know of a consolidant (or treatment) for suede
>>that has dry rotted?
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