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Re: Decorative Paste Papers

On Thu, 21 Nov 1996, Brian Queen wrote:

> Colette,
> If you go to the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild links page at
> http://knet.flemingc.on.ca/~miller/cbbag/links.html there is a link under
> Decorated Papers which is actually a summary of recipies for paste paper
> from this listserv.
> Brian Queen

I was told by the server that "user miller does not exist."  Is it me, or
what....I ma interested in reading this info if we can figure how to get
to it.

Michel Rogerson:  Utah native in tornado country--waitin' for the cyclones!!
University of Nebraska, home of the Nat'l Champion Cornhuskers
Book Repair Specialist, Love Library bindery, Lincoln NE 68588-0410
work: (402) 472-2523

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