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Re: Help...please

Will beeswax really work?  I am doing something similar, with bits of
old cut up drawings on wood, which had a lot of wax - mainly beeswax
- in them.  Wont it melt?  Someone once told me about mixing the
melted wax with resin to give it finish.  Could this be?

Robyn Sassen

> >I am working on a single edition of a book and would like to incorporate
> >candle wax as a "decorative"  element on some of the text pages. Any
> >suggestions on how to to do this without the wax cracking, peeling, etc.
> >would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> >Thanks/eg
> Try beeswax and try to avoid the cries of the conservators on this list.
> A lurker
> SZ
> >Elaine Gawrych
> >Northeastern Illinois University
> >Chicago, IL.
> >Librarian and Neophyte Book Artist

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