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Re: Decorative Paste Papers

the process for paste papers goes as follows
4 Tablespoons of rice flour
3 Tablespoons Wheat flour
1/2 teaspoon glycerin
1 teaspoon tincture of green soap (or palmolive dish soap)
3 cups of water
in the top of a double boiler blend the flours together. Add a little water
creating a roux, and mix well so there are no lumps. stir constantly. ad the
rest of the flour, still stirring and cook over medium heat until it is the
consistency of runny porridge.
remove from the heat and add the green soap and glycerin. Pour through a
strainer. This can be stored only up to 24 hours and it breaks down. ( to
remove any lumps) and cool
you take small amounts and add your color to the small individual amounts.
Use acrylic paints.
Paste for this can also be done with methyl cellulose and paints BUT it is a
different consistency and it takes much longer to dry, making it harder to
layer your patterns.

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