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Re: Help...please

Beeswax will work.  I think that a better solution would be to use the
waxes employed in encaustic "painting".  It's a great and very flexible
technique.  If you are interested and are around NYC you should see the
Jasper Johns show at MOMA.  Even if you don't like his work you will find
it a worthwhile show to see the images in person rather than in two


On Wed, 20 Nov 1996, Sumner Zacks M.D. wrote:

> >I am working on a single edition of a book and would like to incorporate
> >candle wax as a "decorative"  element on some of the text pages. Any
> >suggestions on how to to do this without the wax cracking, peeling, etc.
> >would be greatly appreciated.
> >
> >Thanks/eg
> Try beeswax and try to avoid the cries of the conservators on this list.
> A lurker
> SZ
> >Elaine Gawrych
> >Northeastern Illinois University
> >Chicago, IL.
> >Librarian and Neophyte Book Artist

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