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Watermark Books

I am new to the list and hope that this is an appropriate question.

The artist's book (portfolio) "Agamemnon 3" by Horst Antes and Fred
Siegenthaler (1969) consists of blank pages where the "text" is only
discernible in the watermark.  In this case the "text" consists of
illustrations although one of the pages has an full alphabet in the
Another such "watermark book" is Peter and Donna Thomas' "Saroyan" (1991)
where the only text is in the watermark.
Question 1.  Could a BookArts librarian or anyone who has a copy, tell me
how many pages "Agamemnon 3" should contain?  (The pages are loose).
Question 2.  Does anyone know of any other such examples of "watermark
Many thanks.
Jack Ginsberg.
Johannesburg, SA

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