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Re: Watermark Books

At 08:44 AM 11/22/96 -0500, Richard Minsky wrote:
>Sue Gosin (Founder of Dieu Donne Papermill) is a wonderful watermark arist,
>and has done books. I believe others at DD have gotten into this as well.
>Perhaps Mina Takahashi (DD's Director) is reading this and would be able to
>provide a bibliography.
Thanks Richard -- I saw the question come up, and while very interesting, I
couldn't then and can't now think of any other true examples of watermark
books. Sue has done some incredible work with watermark images and faux
watermark text, but no publications that are entirely made of watermarked
text.  Many artists who have worked here at Dieu Donne have incorporated
watermarked images in two-dimensional artwork and book projects.  If anyone
would like further information or would like to set up an appointment to
view our slide registry and archive of paper art, please contact me at Dieu
Donne. Mina Takahashi.
Dieu Donne Papermill, Inc.
433 Broome Street
New York, NY 10013
tel 212/226-0573  fax 212/226-6088
e-mail <ddpaper@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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