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Re: Help...please

On Thu, 21 Nov 1996 R Starr wrote:

>Beeswax will work.  I think that a better solution would be to use the
>waxes employed in encaustic "painting".

Actually, straight beeswax is the standard for encaustic. Some painters
also use "cold encaustic" which is usually a mix of wax, oil, and varnish.
Neither one would really have the flexibility and strength for use in a
book though (and the oil in the second mixture would neccesitate a size
of some sort to protect the paper).

I have done some books that had heavy wax on them. My approach was to
use a thick rigid paper to reduce the forces on the wax, and then just to
accept that they were extremely fragile.

That may not be much of a solution though.

        --E. Dahl

>> >I am working on a single edition of a book and would like to incorporate
>> >candle wax as a "decorative"  element on some of the text pages. Any
>> >suggestions on how to to do this without the wax cracking, peeling, etc.
>> >would be greatly appreciated.
>> >

Erik Dahl
Stapling Supervisor
     and Highlighting

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