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Re: dry rotted suede :: maintenance

>Dear Sumner (Daria shares this ol modem & Computer with me).  Good solid valid
>research is practically a dinosaur.  Some of the pill/placebo research by
>large pools of doctors and nurses probably is the nearest you can get these
>expensive days to REAl research.  So collagen creams for faces and old
>leather although a novel quest will never be conclusive in our lifetimes,
>despite what big business tells us. (Do you have updated knowledge to refute
>this broad and general assessment?)
>If you find out otherwise, please rush collagen cream to me.....I can see
>my seude starting to powder !!

Research on collagen "restoration" either in people's skin  or books is
beneath the radar of basic scientists but oh,if pharmaceutical chemists
could come up with something,it would be a big seller.However,their money
is better spent on market research.

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