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Re: Decorative Paste Papers

>the process for paste papers goes as follows
>4 Tablespoons of rice flour
>3 Tablespoons Wheat flour
>1/2 teaspoon glycerin
>1 teaspoon tincture of green soap (or palmolive dish soap)
>3 cups of water

This is the recipie I use and have been really happy with it. I was told
(and have not tried anything else) to be sure to buy *both* flours from an
oriental grocery. I'm guessing (big time) that it's because a lot of the
protein has been removed from asian flours. (Can anyone enlighten me

I'm unable to use a double-boiler, so I cook mine in the microwave (with
thanks to Beth Parker). I nuke it in 1-2 minute intervals on high, stirring
with a whisk between nukes-usually 6-8 minutes total. Be sure it doesn't
boil-mine was much more brittle after boiling.

Unlike a cornstarch paste, this recipie will hold small surface items, too.

Hope you have as much fun with paste paper as I-

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