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Re: Decorative Paste Papers

When I was doing my bookbinding course at college we made paste papers
using cold water "REX" wallpaper paste and mixing in powder paints or
analine dyes for colouring.

Our art teacher thought this was more preferable to cooking
starch paste because it produced a more sandpapery tactile effect than
cooked pastes.

I have found over the years that this method flakes easily leaving coloured,
water-soluble fragments in the spine folds of my endpapers. So I prefer
cooking starch paste and adding analine dyes to that. When my papers are
dry, I fix them using Paraloid B72 mixed in acetone.

I don't care my art teacher's method, but I thought you would like to
hear it as well as mine anyway, after all one thing she was for ever
saying was:

"Nobody's method is better, just different"

Jon Farley

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