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Re: Exhibiting Books : A Brainstorm

Robin,  I agree with Dorothy about handling damage, especially if your show is
in a gallery with adequate security so that a book can't walk.  What I've done
for a couple of my books that I wanted people to be able to read, was, I got
some white cotton gloves (the books were fabric with text and photographs
stitched on), decorated the gloves appropriately and connected them with string
to the book (so the gloves wouldn't walk, and they became part of the object).
If chaining the books to the table would be appropriate, I guess the method to
do that would depend on the construction of your books.   I LOVE IT when books
are displayed so that they can be read, touched, etc. It's so right.
Karen Lightner
Rare Book Department, Free Library of Philadelphia
215-686-5416   lightnerk@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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