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Re: query

>In spite of my search yesterday......
>Phone Disk CD-ROM lists Several Addresses
>and Phone Numbers for Sinclair and Valentine
>Let me know how it goes!

Thanks. The Sinclair & Valentine I remembered was in southern California.
And I've now confirmed that they no longer exist. Too bad. I don't know
about other letterpress printers, but I always found their inks superior,
particularly in terms of the intensity of the pigments in colored inks. It
seems that now almost everyone I ask is using rubber-based inks, with some
using Daniel Smith Lithographic Inks. Any other letterpress people out
there? And what are you using these days for inks?


get off my back. the future fields into which I write are
unimaginable. I do not know, any more than you do, what is
around me, nor how far to go, nor precisely what I leave behind.

                                          --Beverly Dahlen
                          from A Reading 8 - 10
                          published by Chax Press

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