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Re: font design

On Sat, 30 Nov 1996, Rommel John Miller wrote:

> the old-style (Gutenberg?) frame press, so much so that I am eager to
> find out if anyone (such as the Franklin Institute or Smithsonian
> Institution) produces a scale model of it.

Elizabeth Harris wrote a book called THE COMMOM PRESS which is a study of
the English style wooden press associated with Ben Frankilin that is in
the Smithsonian's collection.

The book gives detailed instruction to build a wood screw press and
includes a full set of measured plans.

 > would like to do is to find a good program
that might allow
me to > fabricate a font-set for my own use, based on the illustrations of
> Longyear.

The computer program you want is Fontographer which I think is made by

>         Also if anyone knows of any really good font library packages I
> would be interested in them as well.  The "funky" modern font types don't

Adobe's Type on Call CD-ROM has what is reported to be the offical ATF
version of 2100 encrypted typefaces. You can unlock and pay for each face
as you need it.

SoftKey makes a CD 1500 fonts, many of which are recognisable fonts which
have new names.  Their is a match list of these fonts on the internet
to cross index with the real font names.  The Softkey Disc is cheap and
some of the fonts are fine..some are awful...so for 25 dollars you fiddle.


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