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Re: font design

>        Besides that, I am interested now in type design and am eager to
>learn if anyone out there knows of a really good program, shareware or
>licensed, that will assist a computer-age typographer in developing

I know of Fontographer, which some recommend highly. It should be available
from most software mailorder distributors, such as MacWarehouse, Mac Zone,
PC Zone, PC Connection, etc. I don't know if you use a Mac or a PC. The job
of making fonts can be accomplished on either.

>        Also if anyone knows of any really good font library packages I
>would be interested in them as well.  The "funky" modern font types don't
>interest me, although some are interesting to look at; I am most
>interested in fonts like Melior, Michelangelo, Libra, Lucien, Grajon,
>Columna, Perpetua, University Roman (it looks like a modern
>celtic/black-letter hybrid) and Weiss Initials.

Adobe has some of these fonts. I don't know what's offered in a library
package. Adobe Type on Call is a CD containing virtually all the Adobe
fonts, but you have to pay for codes to unlock them font by font. This too
can be bought from most software providers. It also comes free with purchase
of such Adobe products as PhotoShop, Illustrator, etc. -- but what they
offer free with such programs changes like the wind, so it's good to get a
verification with your provider as to what's actually in the package.

Good luck.


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