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Re: font design

There are all sorts of good knockoffs of Optima - with names like Omega
(that actually is the Compugraphics brand name, I think), Optimum, etc.
Almost every cheap truetype fontpack I've bought has at least one.  The
Softkey disk Michael Morin mentioned might have it (I'm not sure - I have
so many fonts I get confused about what is where, including at least 4 or
5 versions of Optima.)  For certain QualiType has it (QT Optimum),
although I don't know for sure that package is still "in print".

But you do, as Michael says, have to do a lot of fiddling and
test-printing.  The wonderful Softkey FontsPro 2002, which I got for
$12.99 at Staples or Office Max, actually does have 2002 fonts, many of
them the classics, some including versions with fractions, fancy caps,
and other variants, really wonderful.  And a print-out feature that gives
you a full catalog (did you'all know that all the letters are included in
the sentence "Black sphinx of quartz, judge my vow"?)

But finding things in that wealth of choices, making decisions, etc., is
a real challence.  The catalog I printed out is certainly more than 200
pages long, with about 8 fonts per page!  So I can't at this point tell
you which fontname designates an Optima version on that particular disk,
although I'd bet money that there is one.

Judy Kerman

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