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Re: font design

Try Fontographer as a program to create your own fonts; Adobe sells nearly
all the 'traditional' fonts one could ever want. There are also several
other houses that sell adobe fonts as well as others - Fontshop is one of
them. I don't know the number off hand, but I'm sure they have an 800# so
you can call directory assistance. Hope this helps!


>Friends of the Book Arts:
>        Recently my interest in typography was piqued when a favorite
>former prof of mine presented me with a copy of Moxon: "Mechanics
>Exercises" for printing.
>        Ever since reading it, more scanning it and absorbing its
>contents, I have become fascinated with the art involved in the
>production of punches from which matrices are fabricated, justified and
>type is cast.  The old style moulds for type-casting intrigue me as does
>the old-style (Gutenberg?) frame press, so much so that I am eager to
>find out if anyone (such as the Franklin Institute or Smithsonian
>Institution) produces a scale model of it.
>        Besides that, I am interested now in type design and am eager to
>learn if anyone out there knows of a really good program, shareware or
>licensed, that will assist a computer-age typographer in developing
>fonts?  This I ask because recently I purchased a 1963 edition of
>Longyear: "Type and Lettering" and there are several fonts contained in
>his work that I have never seen offered in a software package.  What I
>would like to do is to find a good program that might allow me to
>fabricate a font-set for my own use, based on the illustrations of
>        Also if anyone knows of any really good font library packages I
>would be interested in them as well.  The "funky" modern font types don't
>interest me, although some are interesting to look at; I am most
>interested in fonts like Melior, Michelangelo, Libra, Lucien, Grajon,
>Columna, Perpetua, University Roman (it looks like a modern
>celtic/black-letter hybrid) and Weiss Initials.  If you've never seen
>Longyear's works, I'd highly recommend them, and to know of the
>aesthetically pleasing texture of these type-faces you'd really have to
>see them.
>        That said, I hope some out there can help, and please know that I
>am now coming full circle in that I would love to learn paper making,
>typography, and book binding.  -- I think I'll call myself: "The Compleat
>        Thanks!  And I hope everyone out there had a pleasant holiday!
>Rommel John Miller                        rjmiller1095@xxxxxxxx
>12544 Selsey Rd
>Ocean City, MD  21842-9128             (410) 213-0082  (voice/fax/data)


"I don't think 'This is my party' is applicable anymore. The party's kind
of over. Now it's more like, 'This is my life,' 'This is my tribe.'"
                                                                - Nan Goldin

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