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Re: korea

At 9:16 AM -0800 12/3/96, Margaret Roche wrote:
>Hello.  I was just offered a teaching job in Korea and wanted to
>know if anyone out there has addresses and names of good papermaking
>places to visit while i am there.  Any info would be great - artists,
>villages, possible apprenticeships, etc....  Thank you, Peggy

According to a friend in Koreo, the town of CHONJU is well known as Korea's
primary producer of traditional paper, called "hanjil" in Korean.  The
paper is produced on the outskirts of the city at Huksokkol, about a
15-min. drive by taxi from the downtwon area.  Here you can see paper being
made.  The Chollabuk-do Handicrafts Cooperative, downtown at 31-3
Chungang-dong, Chonju, tel (0652) 84-5921 also sells paper crafts and wood
products.  Chonju is in the
Chollanamdo province, in the southwest of Korea, towards Kwangju.

On another note, you also might call the State Dept. in DC and ask for the
person responsible for Korea in the American Citizen Services unit of the
Consular Affairs Bureau (CA/ACS).  They have some sort of brochure advising
prospective teachers of the problems other Americans have had here
enforcing terms of their contracts re:  pay, housing, work hours, etc.  A
few nasty "hagwons" (private ESL institutes) are probably to blame, but
it's always better to be aware of potential pitfalls in advance.

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