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Re: colored paper

Fox River, the company that makes Permalife paper has a number of different
lines of paper (including) that come in text weight (75 lb.) text.  They are
50% recycled, minimum 20% post-consumer waste (although I was told that
ammount varies from line to line,color to color, lot to lot...).  It's
neutral ph according to an abbey pen.  I just got a carton of 750 sheets of
Circa 83' Marble Cream laid 25"x38" grain long.  It's an attractive
off-white, has variegated fibers, and has a laid imprint that's subtle and
discreet (sorta' little bit old lookin'...sorta").  it's neutral Ph.  Mimi
Schleicher uses it for marbling and told me about it.  I carefully apply the
alum with a paint edger so that the fibers don't pill up.  I have no idea how
it would be for paste papers.  the carton was $240.  Strathmore writing text
is also good- but no colors, same size weight and price costs about the same.
 then the strathmore charcoal is beautiful, though a bit more expensive.

  Jake Benson

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