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AFEDA exhibition in Madrid

Dear friends,

There will be an important event in Spain:

"Book Design & Art". Master Bookbinders 1920-1970"

"The Association for the Promotion of Artistic Bookbinding (AFEDA) has
from its beginnings encouraged the art of bookbinding as an integral
part of a book's esteem and appeal.

On Tuesday 15th December at 8.00 p.m. the Minister of Education and
Culture and the President of AFEDA will jointly inaugurate this
exhibition in collaboration with the Museo de Artes Decorativas, Banca
Paribas and the Cultural Section of the Frech Embassy. The exhibit shows
a sample of bibliographic masterpieces from the private collections of
D. Bartolom=E9 March, D. Pl=E1cido Arango, D=AA Isabel Garc=EDa de la Ras=
D. Rafael Ruiz-Gallard=F3n, D. Santiago Saavedra, D. Luis Bard=F3n, D.
Maurice Lachard and D. Santiago Brugalla: a total of fifty five pieces
and twelve bookbinders, representing the most imaginative and
avant-garde French period in the history of bookbinding in which the
design was influenced by the new modernist movements thrus introducing
novel artistic concepts to the craft.

In this collection the degree of perfection of the bindings as well as
the influence exerted on all of the contemporary artists is omnipresent:
-the aim is to show the beginnings of what is known today as the
Contemporary Bookbinding Art.-

The books themselves are absolutely unique. They are numbered first
editions with the original etching, manuscripts, autographs, interesting
typography and exquisite page setting. They represent the enthusiasm
shown in the production of the luxe editions illustrated by the most
well known artists of modern movements: Picasso, Braque, Gris, Matisse,
Dufy, Ernst, Dunoyer de S=E9gonzac and Josso among others.

I will maintain you informed

Javier Abellan

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