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Re: Archive software??

Re: The archivist at work is interested in finding a database program
specifically for archival material.

I know this is not exactly what you requested but why not try using
something like FileMaker Pro 3.0. It is a very flexible, user friendly
relational database program. It's a bit of work to design your system
but it could be custom-designed to match what you really want. It
works on both Mac and PC and so the files are quite transportable.

I have been using it to build a curriculum planning system at the
Ontario College of Art and Design and I'm no programmer. The program
supports multiple users on a network and being relational the design
allows you to enter data once but access it in various files for
various layouts. The program comes with lots of templates and if you
have any experience with databases it's not too difficult to pick-up.

peter sramek

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