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TROJAN ZIP Virus Alert

In response to virus alerts on this and other lists to which I

One of the reasons, among other very good ones, that I use WebTV (and I
have no commercial interests in saying so) is that my sacred Mac system
is safe from net viruses.

My Mac is not connected to the net, so therefore safe from harm,
including file theft or manipulation from strangers.

My PC-wired friends are always upgrading and downloading virus
protection systems and software, changing monthly.  I save all that

The few disadvantages of not having my Mac online are far outweighed by
the speed (33.8 modem), ease of operation, and comfort of being ten feet
from the large-screen TV while I surf and research.

Also, being able to capture the color, animation, and sound, from cool
websites, onto videotape through my VCR is a major plus that I stumbled
across accidentally.

I am not "endorsing" webtv, just wanting to bring it to fellow list
members' attention as a good net alternative to PC-involving webwork.

Very truly yours,

Timothy George Hare, R.A., M.A.

Internationally-Published Architect
and Architectural Historian

Specializing in Architectural Portraits
in Pen & Ink with Watercolor Embellishment

667 Ferry St.  Easton, PA USA 18042-4423
Telephone: 610-258-0834
E-Mail: ArchitecturePortrait@xxxxxxxxx

WebSites: http://www.silo.com/HARE

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