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VIRUSES and other cooties

All right folks, time for me to get involved. Let's keep all such warnings
off the list if we can help it all. You won't catch cooties from reading
your Book_Arts-L postings or surfing the web, mostly. I know that most
people who send these, and I've done it before as well, mean well. Let's not
create more panic than we need to, nevermind choking bandwidth.
>File this one with 'Good Times' and download your software only from places
>you know and trust.
>Derek L.
Also the above is great advice to follow. Antivirus software is cheap,
relatively, protection, get it, install it, update it and 99% of you should
be fine. Don't swap floppies randomly, especially with people you don't
know, either... It's like practicing safe sex.


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