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Re: query (inks)

There is a solvent called Livos that is supposed to be not so toxic; I'm
not sure where to get it.

Julie Seko

On Mon, 9 Dec 1996, Indigo Som wrote:

> >seems that now almost everyone I ask is using rubber-based inks, with some
> >using Daniel Smith Lithographic Inks. Any other letterpress people out
> >there? And what are you using these days for inks?
> i use van son oil base inks, but not because of any extensive knowledge or
> research of my own -- it's because i got used to them when using a friend's
> equipment & supplies. she also insisted that it works best for printing from
> photopolymer plates (which i do more often than not) & i sure didn't have any
> reason not to believe her... by the way, anyone know of less-toxic solvents
> for cleaning this stuff up?
> Indigo Som
> bitchy buddha press

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