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Technician Positions at Princeton University Library

Positions at Princeton

Description:  The Princeton University Library Preservation Office is
seeking two technicians to work on circulating, non-rare materials in the
Collections Conservation Unit.  Responsibilities include performing an array
of treatments on a variety of general collections materials.  Primary
treatment responsibilities include, but are not limited to, repairing case
and adhesive bindings, inlaying original covers, resewing textblocks, paper
mending, repairing/rebacking/reinforcing spines, fabricating pamphlet
bindings, and tightening joints.  Other book  treatments, including
enclosures, are possible depending upon experience and performance skills.

Requirements:   A minimum of one year prior experience in bookbinding and/or
conservation is required.  Individuals hired  must be able to follow
instructions exactly and demonstrate good organizational skills; must have
manual dexterity and excellent hand to eye coordination; must be able to
handle safely fragile and damaged works and work with care, deliberation and
speed.  Must work with materials which are dirty, dusty, moldy, folded and
torn using proper precautions and health and safety equipment . Must be able
to work independently and  coordinate workflow.  Must have working knowledge
of computers; the ability to work in a group environment; and the ability to
learn and use the library classification system.  Preference will be given
to people with experience handling weak and/or brittle library materials and
who are familiar with concepts of library preservation and with tools and
equipment used in the preservation of library materials.  An applicant who
is chosen for an interview must present a portfolio of successful book
treatments, or perform a dexterity test for assessing hand skills, ability
to follow instructions, quality of work, etc.

Salary and benefits:  Salary Grade D (starting salary: $19,548/year); 22
days vacation; 11 paid holidays; full health insurance.

To ensure full consideration, candidates should send applications, including
cover letter and resume with references to be contacted, postmarked by
January 17, 1997 to:

Conservation Technician Positions
Maria Gopel, Human Resources Librarian
Princeton University Libraries
One Washington Road
Princeton, NJ 08544

For more information, contact:

Mick LeTourneaux
General Collections Conservator
Robert J. Milevski
Preservation Librarian
Princeton University Library
One Washington Road
Princeton, NJ 08540
609-258-5591; fax: 609-258-4105
email: milevski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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