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Re: Archive software??

Our art museum is working with a student programmer on a system based on
Microsoft Access, which is supposed to be much easier to work
with/maintain.  Pretty cheap, too, through educational software houses
which will almost certainly sell to any kind of nonprofit educational
institution, library, museum, etc. (Can't tell what you are.)  Mind you,
we haven't started yet, but for a smallish project it's worth considering.

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On Mon, 9 Dec 1996, Norah Shrubb wrote:

> This is slightly off-topic, but I haven't discovered anything applicable
> thru other sources, so thought I'd pick the collective brains of Book-Arts
> folks:
> The archivist at work is interested in finding a database program
> specifically for archival material.  We have a solid bank of documents, and
> a room filled with photographs.  He needs a program for accessioning as well
> as straight info storage/ retrieval.  Something like Dbase isn't streamlined
> enough for him.  Any suggestions?  Any ideas would be appreciated.
> t.i.a.,
> Norah--
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