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5th International Marblers Gathering

Sorry for late notice, but I just received this via snail-mail.
     The 5th International Marblers Gathering is to be held in Istanbul,
Turkey June 1-8, 1997.  Conference these is "Beyond the Surface" with the
aim to go beyond the practice of marbling and dig under the surface into
the feelings, interpretation and philosophy of those who practice it.
    There is a call for anyone wishing to present a paper, but you need
to notify by January 1997.  Those wishing to show their work need to have
it received by Feb 1997 in order to get ready for exhibition & the

Contact address:
Hikmet Barutcugil, Ishakpasa Cad. No 8 Sultanahmet
34400 Istanbul-Turkiye
Tel: 90.212 517 6841   Fax: 90 212 516 2944
This information was sent to me from the following U.S. address which you
may try to contact:
Signa I. Houghteling
737 Bay Street
San Francisco, CA  94109

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