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church libraries

At 12:14 AM 12/18/96 -0500, you wrote:
>>Can anyone suggest to me a book, or books, about managing a church or small
>>library? Thanks much.

The Church and Synagogue Library Association publishes a number of books
which should help. Here are a few of their titles:

 AUTHOR          :Burson, Lorraine E.
 TITLE           :Recruiting and training volunteers for church and synagogue
 IMPRINT         :Bryn Mawr, PA : Church and Synagogue Library Association,
 SERIES          :CSLA guide; no. 14

 AUTHOR          :Deitrick, Bernard E., 1930-
 TITLE           :A basic book list for church libraries
 EDITION         :3rd rev. ed.
 IMPRINT         :Portland, OR : Church and Synagogue Library Association, 1988.
 SERIES          :CSLA bibliography;

Good luck.


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